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Use our address as your address.

Ideal for Personal or Business use.

Wherever you are in the world, you can use our real, UK street address and we’ll receive and handle your post as you instruct us to.

Real UK Street Address

Better and cheaper than a PO Box

Personal & Business

Suitable for Personal & Business users

Flexible Mail Handling

We'll handle your post as instructed

Secure & Confidential

A reliable & discreet service you can trust

Simple & Affordable

No long contracts & transparent pricing

Instant Activation

Get your new UK address in minutes!

How it Works.

1. Sign-Up Online

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It's quick and easy. Just enter your details and make a secure payment.

2. Start Using The Address

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We'll confirm your new UK address and you can start using it and giving it out immediately.

3. We Receive Your Post

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We can forward post on to you (worldwide), scan + email or hold it until further notice.

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Monthly Package

  • Use our real UK street address
  • Receive unlimited post
  • Suitable for personal & business post
  • Includes use of 2 mailing names
  • Post can be forwarded on
  • Post can be scanned + emailed
  • Post can be held until further notice

If you need to receive post in more than 2 names, the cost per additional mailing name is £2.99 per month.

We can forward your post to you anywhere in the world. Post is consolidated into one package and sent at your preferred frequency (normally weekly or monthly). All you pay is the cost of postage (Royal Mail standard rates) + 10% handling/packaging fee.

With your permission, we can open your post and scan + email the contents to you. Ideal for viewing and reading your mail on the go! We charge 40p/page.

For the duration you hold an active account with us, we can hold your post at no extra charge until further notice (as long as the amount isn’t excessive).

We can accept parcels/packages on your behalf and forward them on. We define a parcel as any item weighing over 1kg. We charge £2.50/parcel + postage forwarding cost. If you wish, we can consolidate your parcels/packages before sending to save on postage. If you require us to hold it for more than a week, storage is £5/week.


A real UK street address. You can customise the address format to appear business or residential.

The actual address is based just 30 minutes from London (in Buckinghamshire). You do not need to be based in or even near our location yourself to use the service (we have clients worldwide).

The full address will be released to you when you sign-up (we do this to prevent unauthorised use).

We give you a real, physical UK mail address to use which gives a better impression, image and improved credibility. It’s also more private, discreet and confidential compared to Royal Mail’s PO Box service. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re cheaper too, with no long contracts.

Any individuals and sole trader/proprietor businesses from anywhere in the world may use our service to receive post.

The address we give you can be used to receive post for any purpose (as long as it’s legal of course!) from any person, business or organisation anywhere in the world.

However, due to regulations, our address cannot be used with Companies House. If you’re a Limited company, please see our available services here.

We can accept letters, packages and parcels, including any deliveries that need to be signed for. We just ask that items aren’t excessive in weight and size.

You must ensure that when you give out your new address, it is clear to anyone writing to you that they should include either your name or business name (or both) on the envelope. You must also inform us of any mailing names you intend to use so that post received can be matched to your account.

As standard, our packages allow two (2) mailing names. For example, this could be your name and your businesses name. Or if you’re using the service for personal use, perhaps your name and your partner’s name. If you require more than two names, you purchase additional mailing names at a cost of £2.99 each per month. To add additional mailing names, please contact us.

We’ll handle your post exactly as you’ve instructed us to. You can specify how you would like us to handle your post during the sign-up process. If you need to change these instructions at any point, just contact us.

You can choose to have your post: 

Forwarded on to you (UK and worldwide) 
Scanned + emailed 
Held until further notice 

For security purposes, we do not offer the ability to collect post from our offices.

You can change/update your mail handling preferences at any time by contacting us.

For security purposes, we do not offer the ability to collect post from our offices.

However, we can forward your post anywhere in world.

Within the UK, we can forward your post to a Post Office branch where you can collect it. This is called ‘Poste Restante’. See details here.

If you’ve opted to have your post forwarded, it will typically take 1-2 working days to be received from when it left our offices. International residents will normally receive post between 3-7 working days from when it left our offices. 

If you’ve opted for Scan + Email, we aim to do this within 24 hours (excluding bank holidays and weekends) of receiving it at our offices.

Unfortunately, no.

Due to regulations, we do not allow our address to be used with Companies House and/or by Limited companies in general. The services we can offer Limited companies can be found here.

As standard we’ll filter out any obvious junk mail. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to tell. However, you may register with the Mail Preference Service (MPS) which should help reduce/stop unsolicited mail. It’s free to register with the MPS here.

Yes. You can start using the address immediately upon signing-up, but before we can release any post received to you, you’ll need to upload photo ID. We have to do a basic verification to meet our legal obligations. This is secure and we’ve made it quick and easy. Find out more here.

If you no longer require our service and wish to cancel, please contact us. Your account will be terminated and post returned to sender at the end of the current period.


Fabulous service. I live on a narrowboat, so getting my post has always been an issue for me. PostPoint receive it and then scan & email it to me. Very pleased.

Nora C.


I started my first business and wanted a 2nd address, but couldn't justify renting an office. PostPoint gave me a smart looking address to use on the same day I signed up.

Asif H.

Small Business Owner

Me and my partner have been travelling for the past 2 years and we work remotely. PostPoint gives us a fixed UK address and a flexible way to access our post wherever we are!

Nate & Sophie

Digital Nomads

My wife Sue and I moved abroad 5 years ago when I retired. Not having a UK address proved very problematic for various reasons. PostPoint has been a consistently reliable and affordable solution. Thank you.

Bill & Sue


PostPoint has been ideal for me as I run my business from home, but wanted to keep my home address private. I use their address for my business and they forward on my post. Works perfectly and is reasonably priced.

Thomas M.

Sole Proprietor

I originally used PostPoint when I was a student in halls. I still use it today as I run my own online biz and often take spontaneous travels! It's perfect for dealing with my personal and business post! Thanks guys!

Keisha R.

Student & Entrepreneur

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