PostPoint Mail Forwarding, Mailbox & Virtual Address Services

Response Handling & Fulfilment

Flexible, reliable and affordable.

Response Address:

We can be your response/reply address and receive and sort all / any responses/replies according to the specific requirements of your campaign. Clients often utilise our services for competitions, voucher campaigns, loyalty schemes and charity fundraising. Typically, envelopes are opened, checked and then passed for data capture. We can also securely process payments and bank cash, cheques and postal orders promptly.

Returns Address:

We can be your returns address for when customers need/want to return products/orders. This service is for small-medium sized packages which are not excessive in size and weight. We will receive your returns and handle them according to your requirements. We can open and inspect returns, provide you with photos and input customer data onto your systems.


For small-medium items which are not excessive in size and weight, we can provide a cost-effective store, pick, pack and dispatch service. By sharing orders with us, we’ll ensure they are swiftly sent to your customers. Our fulfilment service can accommodate low and high volumes, whether it be frequent or ad-hoc.